Examine Local Sites for Chybisa

Kingdom of Chybisa: Namadees Abbey

Namadees is a Laranian abbey in the Kingdom of Chybisa. Built upon the site of the legendary final battle of St. Fardir, the abbey and its impressive temple are a popular destination for pilgrims. Namadees is held by the Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow, and is the heart of the Laranian Church’s economic and educational activities in Chybisa. Abbot Jyka Misral and his like-minded followers are a thorn in the side of Chybisa’s King Verlid VII, who they consider an apostate.

Kingdom of Chybisa: Geda Keep

Geda is a small keep in the southeast of the Kingdom of Chybisa. The settlement sits on the Ulmerien River and the Genin Trail, the major trade route between Chybisa’s much larger neighbors, Kaldor and Melderyn. Geda is a hub of the mining trade that fuels much of Chybisa’s economy. Baron Kjal Forsetha, an Ivinian former mercenary, won his fief as the result of a wager. The Geda article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement, color floor plans of the keep, and brief descriptions of many local craftsmen and other locations in the town. A four-page section details a mine and quarry depot run by the Miners’ Guild.

Kingdom of Chybisa: Burzyn Castle

Burzyn is the largest settlement in the Kingdom of Chybisa and the principal seat of King Verlid VII of Clan Geledoth. The castle controls the only bridge over the Ulmerien River and is perhaps the most impressive fortress on Hârn.

Kingdom of Chybisa: Onden Keep

Onden is a royal keep in the Kingdom of Chybisa. It is the original holding of Clan Geledoth, the current royal clan, and is held by Balesir Geledoth, Crown Prince of Chybisa. The Chybisan Royal Guard uses Onden as a base of operations. The Marshal of the Guard lives here and the purple and white livery of the Guardsmen is ever-present around the settlement. Related by marriage but potential rivals, the prince and marshal seek to find a compromise that furthers their agendas in Chybisa’s political environment.