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Kingdom of Lokis

Kingdom of Lokis (COL #5145, 28 pages)

written by Jonathan Davidson

Lokis is the “holy kingdom” of Ivinia, a region known for warring kingdoms, icy fjords, and bold mariners. Followers of the god Sarajin make pilgrimages to the sacred sites on Kyriheim Island, while scholars and adventurers seek to unlock the mysteries of the Earthmaster ruins on Maruchom.
This module details the history, culture, government, religion, and economics of this intriguing island kingdom. Maps and descriptions are included for the town of Lokis, the royal residence at Thoryheim, the sacred sites of Kyriheim, the Earthmaster ruins on Maruchom, and the tribal ruins on Barraholm that now serve as a pirate base.

This kingdom module supplements other Columbia Games products, including Ivinia Region Module and Kingdom of Rogna.

Atlas Map F6: Lokis

Atlas Ivinia Map F6: Lokis (COL #5100-F6)

drawn by Oddgeir Drevdal

This Atlas Ivinia map covers some of the many islands off the western coast of Ivinia. The map is centered around the islands that make up the Kingdom of Lokis, a “holy kingdom” for followers of the god Sarajin. In addition to the Isle of Lokis, the kingdom’s most populated island and seat of its king, the archipelago includes Kyriheim, home to the Cult of the Elkyri and important sacred sites, and Maruchom, with its extensive, unexplored Earthmaster ruins. The atlas map also includes portions of the kingdoms of Menglana and Seldenbaal. The islands and reefs shown provide plenty of opportunities for encounters with pirates, shipwrecks, and creatures of the sea.

This atlas map supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kingdom of Lokis and Ivinia Region Module.