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Included in the latest HârnQuest

Gedan Wilderness

Gedan Wilderness Location (COL #5885, 14 pages)

written by Brian Clemens, Edwin King, Rob Barnes

Normally $9.99

Gedan is a site of Earthmaster origin in eastern Orbaal. Situated in well-forested hills, it was used by the Jarin as an ancient burial ground and is sometimes referred to as the “Lodge of a Thousand Souls.” Few in their right minds approach Gedan at night, for it is widely believed to be home to more than just the dead. A faction of the Jarin resistance movement known as the Aenghysa has taken advantage of this to establish its base at Gedan. The Order of Chuchlaen Wheelwright, an Ilviran religious sect, is also based at Gedan, as is the Cheyn Mhic Cainte, a band of ruthless fanatics as likely to assassinate Jarin “collaborators” as to murder Ivinians.

The Gedan article describes the site’s history and current situation and the geography of the Elorna Hills. The three groups based at the site are fully detailed. Includes color maps and floor plans for the Ilviran temple, the rebel group headquarters, and the lair of a pack of Gargu-Araki (a type of Hârnic orc).

Ilby Vathran

Ilby Vathran (COL #5163, 10 pages)

written by Jonathan Davidson

Normally $6.99

Ilby, the second-largest settlement in the Kingdom of Rogna, is held by Clan Gelda, whose warriors played a pivotal role in the Ivinian conquest of the Jara region in northern Hârn. Like his predecessors, Valhakar Ermus Gelda has not given up claims for tribute from the Geldestaars, a cadet branch of the clan who conquered Lorkin. These interests in Orbaal have long caused the Geldas friction with Clan Turensyn, the royal clan of Rogna.

The Ilby article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement and brief descriptions for many local craftsmen and other locations in the town.

Atlas Hârnica J2

Atlas Hârnica J2 (Orbaal: Lorkin, Tawheim, Gedan) (COL #5000-J2)

drawn by Tom Dalgliesh

Normally $5.59

Atlas Hârnica map J2 covers part of Hârn’s eastern coast, in the mountainous, fjord-riven lands of the Kingdom of Orbaal. It includes the lands around Jarin Bay and the Elorna Hills, home to Anoa tribesmen and bands of nomadic gargun (Hârnic orcs). Lorkin and Tawheim are the major settlements on this map, which also shows Gedan, home to the Aenghysa, Jarin rebels fighting the Ivinian invaders. Like the rest of Orbaal, the terrain in this area is mountainous, with scattered villages, towns, and cultivated lands mostly along the rough coastline. The wild terrain, harsh seas, barbarian tribes, colonies of gargun, and much more offer plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Atlas Ivinia D6

Atlas Ivinia D6 (Rogna: Ilby) (COL #5100-D6)

drawn by Oddgeir Drevdal

Normally $5.59

This Atlas Ivinia map features the eastern half of Heg Island, part of the fog-shrouded Elkyri Isles archipelago situated off the west coast of Ivinia. Heg and the many small islands nearby are part of the Kingdom of Rogna, which is known for the ferocity and rapacity of its “sea-wolves,” viking raiders who terrorize ships and settlements along Ivinia’s western coast.

This map covers the lands around Ilby, the seat of one of Rogna’s jarls. Like much of Rogna and Ivinia, the terrain is mountainous and has many fjords. A scattering of villages and cultivated land sits mostly along the rough coastline. Along with its interesting inhabitants, the wild terrain and harsh seas, this offers plenty of opportunities for adventure.