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Kingdom of Menglana

Kingdom of Menglana, COL #5150, 48 pages plus covers and 11×17 kingdom map

Writers: N. Robin Crossby, Jonathan Davidson, Tom Dalgliesh, Mikkel Huber, Brent Bailey

Menglana once dominated western Ivinia, a land of warring kingdoms, icy fjords, and bold mariners. Despite its natural wealth and beauty, Menglana is a kingdom in decline. Internal strife between powerful greatclans, an impending succession crisis, and imminent invasions by two rival kingdoms—Rogna to the west and Ibanvaal to the southeast—lead many to believe that this once-powerful kingdom’s days are numbered.

Kingdom of Menglana details the history, culture, politics, government, religion, and economics of this proud yet fading  kingdom.

Pelyn Vathran

Pelyn Vathran, COL #5151, 12 pages

Writers: N. Robin Crossby, Jonathan Davidson, Tom Dalgliesh, Mikkel Huber

Pelyn Vathran describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement and brief descriptions of many local craftsmen and other locations. The article features color floor plans of the King’s Hall and other buildings in the royal complex, as well as an expanded write-up and floor plans for the marketplace.

Pelyn is the imposing royal seat of Menglana and burial ground for all but one of its Stahler kings. Its politics are fractious and often deadly to those who oppose the king’s weakening rule. The vathran sits on the southern end of Pelyn Island, a strategic position in the middle of the Leimenfjord. The vathran has never been successfully attacked, partially because of its natural defenses but mainly because the Stahler kings have protected it with a large warfleet.