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Theme: Political Factions

Rethem is a fractious feudal kingdom on the western coast of Hârn. The kingdom’s politics are dominated by the “black-souled and evil” churches of Agrik and Morgath. The threat of warfare between religious orders compounds the danger posed by rivalries between feudal lords. The political situation is far from settled and the threat of civil war looms over the kingdom.

Theme: Wizards

Melderyn, Hârn’s oldest kingdom, is named for the island off the southeast coast of Hârn on which it was founded. The many strange goings-on and mystical persons attributed to the island, which is commonly called “The Wizards’ Isle”, have given the realm a reputation as a place of mystery and enchantment.

Theme: Classic Medieval

Kaldor is a land-locked feudal kingdom in eastern Hârn. Since its founding more than 500 years ago, external threats have been minimal but internal strife has been common. The current dynasty, Clan Elendsa, has sought to uphold the traditional principles of feudalism, chivalry, and royal justice. King Miginath Elendsa is popular with the common people because he has kept the kingdom prosperous and at peace.

Theme: Succession Wars

Chybisa is Hârn smallest realm but is rich in both history and natural resources. The kingdom sits in the fertile valley of the Ulmerien River, where a succession of cultures across two millennia have woven a complex cultural tapestry. The kingdom’s story is one of ebbs and flows, with intrepid settlers, lands lost to barbarians, invasion and assimilation, secession and intrigue. Surrounding the kingdom are the ranges of three barbarian nations.

Theme: Major Wars

Kanday is a feudal kingdom in southwestern Hârn. Founded after the collapse of the despotic Theocracy of Tekhos, Kanday now stands as a realm committed to peace and prosperity. The kingdom is ruled by King Andasin IV of Clan Kand from his seat at Dyrisa. Aleath, a chartered freetown, is the largest settlement.

Theme: City and Merchant Intrigue

The Thardic Republic is a large, prosperous nation in western Hârn. Unique among the Hârnic realms, it is neither a feudal nor tributary monarchy but a plutocratic state governed by a republican senate. It is seen by many as a descendent of the mighty Corani Empire. The Republic is dominated by a few dozen clans who have parlayed agricultural and commercial wealth into status and position.

Theme: Rebellion

Orbaal, a fractious kingdom in Hârn’s wild north, is a land of mountains and fjords. A land where the rebellious Jarin, beaten but not broken, chafe under the rule of Ivinian viking conquerors. Around 8,000 Ivinian conquerors hold almost all of the kingdom’s fortresses and rule over 65,000 Jarin. A major rebellion erupted less than 20 years ago and considerable tension still smolders between the two cultures, encouraged by an active but disorganized Jarin resistance.

Theme: Raids and Piracy

Rogna is a kingdom in the Elkyri Islands off the west coast of Ivinia, a region known for warring kingdoms, icy fjords, and bold mariners. Raiding and piracy are Rogna’s largest sources of wealth. Ships and settlements along Ivinia’s western seaboard live in terror of the Rognan “sea-wolves” that strike with impunity in their black-sailed ships, rape and pillage, then return to the foggy Elkyri Islands.

Theme: Decline

Menglana once dominated western Ivinia, a land of warring kingdoms, icy fjords, and bold mariners. Despite its natural wealth and beauty, Menglana is a kingdom in decline. Internal strife between powerful greatclans, an impending succession crisis, and imminent invasions by two rival kingdoms – Rogna to the west and Ibanvaal to the southeast – lead many to believe that this once-powerful kingdom’s days are numbered.

Theme: Dwarves

Azadmere is the only remaining kingdom of Khuzdul (dwarves) on Hârn. Located high in the Sorkin Mountains of eastern Hârn, the kingdom is centered on the city of Azadmere and Lake Arain.  The capital city of Azadmere is an impressive walled settlement with a moat, stout double walls, and prominent towers. The Khuzdul have a strong enmity for the gargun (orcs) that infest the surrounding mountains. In addition to the city’s fortifications, the kingdom is protected by the formidable fortress of Zerhun and a ring of smaller forts strategically placed to guard the mountain passes.