Examine Local Sites for Kaldor

Kingdom of Kaldor: City of Tashal

Tashal is the largest city in the Kingdom of Kaldor, and largest on Hârn after Coranan. Constructed almost entirely of local granite and oak, shingled with weathered gray cedar, the “Gray Lady of the Kald” is appreciated more for her political and commercial significance than beauty. Beneath the city run extensive tunnels and sewers of ancient origin.

Kingdom of Kaldor: Esenor Keep

Esenor is a wealthy barony in the Kingdom of Kaldor. Located in the kingdom’s peaceful heartland, its rich soil and lush meadows have allowed its holders to focus on aesthetics and comfort rather than the ability to withstand attack or siege. Esenor is the seat of Clan Tesla, who hold their lands from the Earls of Neph at Gardiren.

Kingdom of Kaldor: Qualdris Castle

Qualdris is a prosperous and important settlement in the south of the Kingdom of Kaldor and is the seat of the Earl of Osel. Earl Sedris Meleken comes from one of the oldest and proudest families in the kingdom. He has been away from the castle for almost a year, searching for a murderer. The castle is being governed by his wife in his absence.

Kingdom of Kaldor: Caleme Abbey

Caleme Abbey is the seat of the Laranian archbishop of Kaldor and center of the church’s temporal and ecclesiastical power in the kingdom. Held by the Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow from the king, Caleme’s beautiful temple, supported by massive flying buttresses, is one of the finest examples of temple architecture on Hârn and has influenced builders and bishops alike.