Combat Infantry Update – Rules Draft Released

Tom Dalgliesh

Combat Infantry Draft Rules are Released!

We have uploaded a preliminary rules PDF for Combat Infantry, v0.99a. These are not final rules of course, but a good first draft. I’m expecting, even hoping, for dozens of comments on what is unclear, what is missing, and what we need to add. My original name for this game was K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid). Please consider that when you ask for more detail.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Tom Dalgliesh

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  1. Douglas Bailey
    Douglas Bailey says:

    On p. 10, in the “American Supply” sidebar by Diagram 5, the reference to “the German 3F4” should, I think, be “the German 2F4” (as seen in the “German Supply” sidebar just below).

  2. Gary Hackathorn
    Gary Hackathorn says:

    I like the rules so far. My suggestion is to use face down as indicating the block has moved and use something else as a wreck maker.


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