The Victory in Europe block wargame by Columbia Games

Kickstarting a Victory

The new Columbia Games block game is coming out soon. After two years work and a very successful KickStarter run the game is finally at the printers. Having completed the art for most of game pieces, the final thing was to paint a cover. It was originally going to be a weary solder after a battle. I had sketched a few out, one idea being a soldier after the D-Day invasion.

Instead Columbia wanted to go with a portrait of Churchill.  As Churchill was famous for his V for Victory sign, I thought it would be cool to incorporate his fingers into the title of the game. Of course there are a lot of great photos of Churchill to reference. I used a few different photos to do the final drawing and then did inked up a final image.

Victory in Europe, Box Cover, Pen and Ink, Copyright © 2014, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek

I printed this out on 11×14 paper and coated the paper with amber shellack. I mounted it on a board and then did the painting in oil.

I wanted it to have a strong graphic, postery look, so I left the strong lines and occasionally had to paint them back to make a strong image. I wanted the image to look like a painting, so I used a lot of thick paint and loose application on most of the image. Of course there are not a lot of color images of Churchill so I used both a mirror and other portraits to get the colors I wanted.

The game will be shipped in a plan black box with a sleeve to fit over it. Taking cues from the the design I did for the back of the cards I thought the game box should look like a war machine with bolts and rivets.

Allies and Axis card backs, digital, Copyright © 2014, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek

Here is the final layout of the box showing the back and sides of the box. This also shows a few of the cards I did, many based on old photos and posters from the time, laid out on the back of the box.

Victory in Europe, Box Cover, Copyright © 2014, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek

Victory in Europe has been funded on Kickstarter

Exciting news: Victory in Europe reached it’s funding target. This means the game will certainly be released this July! As of today, gamers have 28 more days to join in and reserve a deluxe Kickstarter edition of this new game.

Columbia Games next wargame release will be Victory in Europe, designed by Ron Draker.  This amazing block game captures the entire war in Europe in a fast-paced experience. The game begins in late 1939 and ends up to six years later with five (5) game turns each year. Game time is 3-5 hours.

The game is played on a large round map of Europe that spans the continent from Spain to the Caspian Sea and from North Africa to Norway. The game employs many of the proven mechanics in other Columbia block games with innovative leader rules and a card deck that elegantly handles history of the whole war.