Examine Local Sites for Rethem

Kingdom of Rethem: Themeson Keep

Themeson is disputed land, seized from the Thardic Republic just over a decade ago. Although technically part of the Kingdom of Rethem, Themeson is more of an independent petty state controlled by the Cohorts of Gashang, a fighting order dedicated to Agrik, god of fire and war. The order is strongly influenced by the priestesses of the Order of the Eight Demons, the dominant Agrikan clerical order in the Thardic Republic. The Cohorts took control of Themeson just over five years ago as part of their split from the Red Shadows of Herpa, a rival Agrikan order. Since then, the order has not sworn fealty to King Chafin III of Rethem and has also publicly maintained its independence from the Thardic Republic. Talks are taking place with representatives of both realms to settle the matter.

Kingdom of Rethem: City of Golotha

Golotha is the principal settlement of the Kingdom of Rethem and the political heir to the infamous Theocracy of Tekhos. Strategically located at the mouth of the River Thard, the city was founded in the fourth century on ground reclaimed from a misty swamp. It is still plagued by morning fogs. Golotha is a city of secrets and dark places. Its narrow streets are dangerous even during the day.

Kingdom of Rethem: Shostim Castle

Shostim castle has been the primary seat of the kings of Rethem since the foundation of the kingdom nearly a century ago. Shostim is one of the largest settlements in the kingdom, second only to the city of Golotha. The castle is undergoing major construction; the current king, Chafin III, intends for Shostim to be the most formidable and impressive fortification in western Hârn.

Kingdom of Rethem: Menekai Castle

Menekai is the grim home of the brutal Order of the Red Shadows of Herpa, a fighting order dedicated to the god Agrik, the Emperor of Flame. Under Larga Gydsilen, their coarse and brutish grandmaster, the Red Shadows have made Menekai one of the richest fiefs in the Kingdom of Rethem by exploiting the region’s mineral wealth.