Examine Local Sites for Kanday

Kingdom of Kanday: City of Aleath

Aleath is the largest settlement and principal port of the Kingdom of Kanday in southwestern Harn. Aleath is a wealthy city, with public squares and beautiful architecture. Its many wide, cobbled avenues are kept remarkably clean and well patrolled. Aleath is one of the safest and most law-abiding settlements on Harn. Its elite citizens call their home the “City of Truth and White Virtue.” They believe themselves more cultured than their neighbors and tend to view outsiders as morally bankrupt. Outsiders often regard Aleathians as self-righteous snobs.

Kingdom of Kaldor: Sarkum Castle

Sarkum Castle, isolated and far from the court of the Kingdom of Kanday, has risen from a barbarian fort to the seat of an earldom. Ranald Milaka, once King of Gemala and now Earl of Sarkum, is the father of King Andasin IV; his influence is envied by many of Kanday’s nobles. Sarkum and its lands suffered heavily during Ezar’s War with Rethem and efforts to rebuild have yet to erase the effects of the Agrikans’ brutal handiwork.

Kingdom of Kaldor: Minilaous Keep

Minilaous is a keep and barony southwest of the Kandian city of Aleath. The keep is nestled atop the high cliffs of Mercia Bay. The region has a rich heritage, arising from a mix of cultures. The area was decimated during the Thecracy of Tekhos but emerged as an independent kingdom before becoming part of the Kindom of Kanday. The barony is held by Baroness Iala Pesirias, the only female tenant-in-chief in the kingdom.

Kingdom of Kanday: Selvos Castle

Selvos castle is the seat of the Earl of Selvos in northwest Kanday. Seized in 695 from Rethem during Ezar’s War, it is a rich fishing port and one of the few safe harbors along the rugged western coast of Hârn.

Although officially at peace with Rethem for over twenty years, raiding and skirmishing continues along the nearby frontier. Agents of Rethem, and political intrigue between hawks and doves of Kanday, make this a dangerous place for the unwary.