Seth Owen

Seth Owen

Guest Writer

Block Wargame Strategic Principles: Economics

Most of the block games involve some rudimentary economic considerations as damaged units are repaired and new units formed. Often control of territory directly affects the resources available to the player to build and repair units. This is another subtlety of the system, because players typically underestimate the snowballing effect of a small advantage.

For example, a map in Wizard Kings or Victory typically has 10 resource point producing sites. So long as both sides maintain their territorial integrity a stalemate is likely.

Many players complain about this, but it’s simply a manifestation of the failure of your plan. Craft a better strategy. There are asymmetric aspects available with hidden force construction and disparate maps that provide one with potential. If you manage to capture just one enemy City worth 2 production points you should be well on your way to victory and your opponent should be desperately trying to get it back. Because until he does, you enjoy a 12-8 production edge — that is 50% more! Assuming you spend it well, that is very hard to overcome. Given enough time it is deadly. Grab another and now you are outbuilding him 14-6, better than 2 to 1. This is almost an insurmountable edge most of the time. Many block games are, at heart, economically based.

(to be continued)