Examine Local Sites for Orbaal

Kingdom of Orbaal: Gwaeryn Keep

Gwaeryn is the seat of Clan Aeryn, one of the few Jarin clans that kept their lands when Ivinian vikings invaded northern Hârn and established the Kingdom of Orbaal. Gwaeryn sits in the upper Anoth River valley, between the Jahl and Felsha mountains. The local terrain is hilly, wild, and heavily wooded. Like the rough landscape, the folks who live around Gwaeryn are rugged, enduring long winters and hard work to maintain what they have. A Jmorvi chantry lies hidden in the hills nearby. Few residents are aware of it, and Gwaeryn’s lord, Symael Aeryn, maintains its secrecy just as his ancestors have.

Kingdom of Orbaal: Marby Castle

Marby is a minor port in the Kingdom of Orbaal on Hârn’s northern coast. Situated at the headwaters of Pentiel Bay, Marby sees one of the largest tidal variations in Orbaal. Clanhead Mikkaar Serewyn was educated in Shorkyne and prefers diplomacy and debate to the death and destruction favored by his Ivinian viking peers. His clan, an offshoot of the violent Clan Sherwyn, has been locked in a bloody feud with the older clan for more than 40 years.

Kingdom of Orbaal: Arone Keep

Arone is a small seaport on the southeastern tip of Orbaal. It is held by the Hulthards, an Ivinian clan that conquered the area nearly 60 years ago. Along with the nearby thrans, Arone is isolated from its neighbors to the west by the vast Arone Marshes that form the northern edge of the great Anoth Delta. The keep sits on a low basalt headland overlooking a fine natural harbor that offers refuge to seafarers from the stormy Sea of Ivae and the pirate-infested waters of the delta. The rulers of Arone pay tribute to the Geldestaars at Lorkin, but their relationship is on the cusp of becoming a blood feud.

Kingdom of Orbaal: Lorkin Keep

Lorkin commands the head of the Anoth Delta in the southeast corner of the Kingdom of Orbaal. It is the largest settlement in the region and an important center of maritime trade. The Ivinian overlords treat the Jarin peasantry with a callous cruelty. Lorkin was the only castle to fall during a Jarin rebellion less than 20 years ago and is a likely flashpoint for another revolt.