Columbia Games block game history on user John Owen has compiled a complete list of block games published by Columbia Games and its forerunner, Gamma II. The games are listed in order of publication from Quebec 1759 to Crusader Rex. Athens and Sparta has not yet been added.

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Rommel’s Obsession

Rommel’s Obsession, a new gameplan title, is available to vote for now. Designer Jim Krohn can be contacted on the Columbia Games forum and the venues such as and

Please visit:

Recent Athens and Sparta questions

1. Does the loss of double defense by the defender on the Betrayal card occur for a single round or both rounds of a Storming Attack?

Both rounds

2. Can a unit move directly from the hex that is the source of the Haliacmon River to the hex that is the source of the Arathus River?

Yes, but you must stop in that hex.

3. Rule 2.14 implies that reinforcements only occur at Major Cities while section 8 allows existing blocks to take reinforcements or new Reserve blocks to be placed at Minor Cities. Which is correct?

This is an inconsistency. 1 BP is allowed in a minor city. Rule 2.14 will be changed.

4. According to Rule 1.5, if a player moves a ground block into a Strait hex with an enemy ship, the ground block loses 1 step and retreats (back to hex it came from according to the Retreat rule). What’s the point of ever making such a move? This also seems to contradict the Straits example in the sidebar on page 3.

This effect applies only if the move requires the strait was crossed to reach the town. If not, the strait rule doesn’t apply at all. Players sometime blunder into a navy but will learn that crossing a strait into unknown forces is risky.

5. Suppose there is an enemy block on the Naupactus hex. It would seem that a player could move two blocks from the Pleuron hex into the Naupactus hex if the enemy block was considered to be on the Naupactus side of the strait but only a single block if the enemy block was on the Peloponnese side of the strait. Which is correct?

The hex that the unit is coming from establishes whether the move involves crossing a strait to reach the town or not. For Naupauctus, a move from Pleuron or Delphi does not cross the strait while a move from Patrae or Sicyon does. The location of the town is the key. The Naupactus defenders are deemed to be where the town is.

Athens and Sparta released

This week, we are pleased to announce the official release of Athens and Sparta. Click below for more information.

Athens and Sparta

A&S is a really fun game. There are many ways to make your opponent sweat. The game has many strategic options and also just the right amount of random variability to make it playable for years to come!

Athens and Sparta

The rules draft for the upcoming Athens and Sparta game has been revised. We are grateful for the many insightful comments and edits we received from gamers who are excited about this game. Please continue to send comments about this iteration of the rules.

To download the PDF file please click the link below:

Wizard Kings Scenarios

2 new Wizard Kings scenarios have been submitted by Rich Fulcher and posted to the Wizard Kings website.

Against the Necrom
The Undead, lead by a powerful Necrom, have poured forth from their tombs beyond the Jabari Desert and overrun the lands as far south as Goranda. A well-equipped force of Feudals sets out across the Bridge of the Gods to cleanse the lands of this unholy host and destroy its commander.

The Relief of Khax
A Dwarven expedition has succeeded in reclaiming several of their mountain holds, the greatest of which is Khax. The nearby orc tribes respond with a massive assault force. Can the dwarves retain their ancient homes until the relief force can arrive?

We will be posting new scenarios separately from the scenario book that is currently online. Later, these scenarios will be incorporated into the longer scenario book.

Translation: Liberty (Spanish)

A Spanish translation of Liberty has been posted to our website,

Liberty (Spanish)

We are always accepting of translations and post them freely on our website.

Athens & Sparta

Columbia Games’ Athens and Sparta game development is well-underway. An early draft map has been posted to:

More news to come on this game in the near future.

Liberty Scenario 1779

A short (one-year) scenario beginning in 1779 for Liberty: American Revolution has been posted to:

This scenario focuses on the American conflict with the British-supported Iroquois in the inland area of the New York colony.

Liberty Scenario 1779 (PDF 56K)

Thanks to Alan Marian for creating this excellent mini-game.

Events at GenCon 2007

GM Cal Stengel is planning Wizard Kings, Liberty, and MasterFront events for GenCon 2007.

Wizard Kings II: up to 24 players
Thu. 8am-12pm
Thu. 8pm-12am
Fri. 8am-12pm
Sat. 8am-12pm
Sat. 8pm-12am
Sun. 8am-12pm
Sun. 12pm-4pm

MasterFront Up to 6 players
Fri 10am – Sunday 4pm

Liberty: Up to 6 players
Thu. 10am-2pm
Fri. 10am-2pm
Sat. 10am-2pm
Sun. 10am-2pm