Combat Infantry Design Notes: Armor Defense

Tom Dalgliesh

Ideas on Armor Defense

Tank units have a rated armor defense noted in a red circle. Such units must be spotted and targeted individually. When firing on them, subtract the armor value from attacker firepower to determine net firepower. If the result is zero (0) or less, no effective fire is possible.  Armor units are rated on a d10 scale, with 8 currently the highest rating (Tiger II). Dice used throughout the game are d10s.

EXAMPLE: F7 Panther-5 firing at Sherman tank, armor 3, has F7–3 = F4 fire.  If firing at long range, net firepower would be F3.   Infantry firing at F3 or F4 will not be able to fire on tanks with armor 4 or higher since net firepower will be zero or less.  However in  close combat (same hex) armor levels are halved so most tanks then become vulnerable to infantry.

I am, however, probably going to +1 the Armor rating of the Panther to 5 and the Sherman to 4.   Facing is NOT used in this game so there is no concept of thinner armor on the flanks and rear.

Anti-tank units such as a Bazooka have a red triangle.  AT units gain a bonus when firing on armored units.   In close combat, they are tank-killers.

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    A Cheer from me!
    As much as I enjoy facing in tank games, I can fully understand why it isn’t appropriate in this instance.
    Thank you for the explanation about armor etc. It is definitely keeping my enthusiasm high. 🙂


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