Seth Owen

Seth Owen

Guest Writer

Block Wargame Strategic Principles: Equanimity

The Fog of War in block wargames inherently flusters many. It’s not uncommon for hex-and-counter Pattons to turn into block wargame Montgomerys. The key here is psychological. US Grant had an epiphany early in his career when it dawned on him that his enemy was just as afraid of him as he was of them. Understanding this unlocked Grant’s boldness.

Block heads need a similar epiphany. This doesn’t mean being heedless of the enemy. It merely means executing proper security to avoid very bad surprises and conducting your operations so the enemy commander is more worried about what you are going to do to him than vice versa. This worked well for leaders as diverse as Caesar, Rommel, Napoleon, Lee, Jackson and Grant. It’s not a coincidence that so many block wargames feature those kinds of leaders. Keep your cool.

(to be continued)