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Kiraz: The Lost City (part 2), COL #5016, 22 pages

Writers: Kerry Mould, Brent Bailey, Jonathan Davidson

Although Kiraz’s royal complex bore the brunt of the devastation wrought by Lothrim’s gargun hordes, the outlying sectors of the city were not spared. As these areas were not protected by the wards and seals put in place by Hrazadar and his masons, patrols of gargun from Ushet have walked their abandoned halls and chambers for more than three centuries. Yet the original glory of the Khuzan city can be still discerned, and there are areas where riches can still be found.

Many of the city’s chambers and tunnels remain intact, although a few tunnels are blocked by cave-ins or fallen rock. Unlike the royal complex, the shafts that provided ventilation to the outlying areas were not sealed. Much of the furniture and other wooden objects has been used as firewood by patrolling gargun. Remaining items have rotted and weakened over the centuries. In the crafthalls, shafts and wheels that powered machinery have settled and snapped. Moving or climbing over anything made of wood should be done with great caution.

Gargun patrols from Ushet often camp overnight in the chambers of the neighborhoods and crafthalls. It is an unpopular duty, as those sent out
do not always return. It is not uncommon for patrols to find the discarded equipment or broken, dismembered bodies of their missing colleagues. The gargun are well aware that creatures more dangerous than themselves dwell in the depths of Kiraz.

This second part of Kiraz: The Lost City describes the many subterranean hazards that may challenge explorers. Descriptions and floor plans are included for the Great Chasm, a massive chamber where the Khuzdul once had homes and workshops; Demelak, a typical residential neighborhood; Takhjal Crafthall, a metalworking shop; the fortified Crossroads Gatehouse; Irdul Waystation, one of a series of outposts in the mining network; and the Retreat, a magnificent cavern considered sacred by the Khuzdul.
Ushet Gargun Colony, COL #5873, 10 pages

Writers: N. Robin Crossby, Andrew Buyan

Ushet is a gargun cave complex near Kiraz, an abandoned Khuzdul city in the Rayesha Mountains. The colony is inhabited by a hybrid culture of Gargu-khanu (Great or Black Orc) and their Gargu-araki (Small or Streaked Orc) and Gargu-hyeka (Common or Brown Orcs) slaves.

Ushet was once a hunting lodge of the kings of Kiraz and is believed to be connected
to the city by ancient mining tunnels. The gargun of Ushet have long sought the fabled treasures of Kiraz but as yet have been unable to penetrate the enchanted gates that seal the city’s royal complex. Ushet sits deep within the range of the nomadic Equani tribes. Kiraz and its former Khuzdul inhabitants figure prominently in Equani folklore. The warlike tribesmen regard the abandoned city as sacred and slay or enslave any who try to enter.

The Ushet article covers the history and current situation of the colony, has floor plans of its various levels, and provides descriptions of some interesting gargun inhabitants that PCs may encounter. This article supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kiraz: The Lost City (COL #5016).