What is Victory?

Victory is an exciting, fast-paced strategy game of World War 2 combat. You command a variable force of army, navy, and air units, over maps that can be joined together in a variety of ways. You can choose from ten (10) different unit types based on WW2 technology.

The “Columbia Block System”

Victory: The Blocks of War is a Columbia Block System game. The game information for each piece is facing the player, but not the opponent! This allows a “fog-of-war” aspect of play that allows an extra layer of subtlety to gameplay. It allows for feints, bluffs, and outright surprises! 

Also, it has a step reduction system built into place as well! As units take damage, they simply are rotated to show their new strength. It is an innovative design that has been a fan favorite of gamers in the know for years!

A combined arms game!

The Victory game system is simple, fast and fun and is an accurate reflection of WWII unit abilities and combined arms combat. Only so many of one type of military unit can enter a battle. This leads to a logistical challenge to gather all your forces to attack a target at the same time.

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Expand the Battelfield

Maps and extra units are available to enhance gameplay!

Re-Released Elite Units!

By popular demand, Columbia Games has re-released Victory with the Elite Units included with the main game! This gives Victory even more depth with torpedo bombers, engineers, supply units and more!

Extra Maps

There are 12 extra maps available. Tactially rich, these geomorphic maps create anything from small skirmishes to entire wars. They fit together in numerous ways to create virtually unlimited battlefields of your choosing.

Extra Armies

Get more armies for multiplayer gameplay or to set up neutral forces in special scenarios. There are six extra armies to choose from. Combine all the armies and extra maps to make for a grand scale battle of epic proportions!

Also, new historical armies are available as add-ons with specific units!

Logistics Set

A set of die-cut counters that add Airfields, Mulberries, Destruction Markers and a Storm to Victory. Also includes factories to customize and divide production into specific Air, Naval, and Army factories. Air units can only be built in Air factories, and so on. Expansion rules are included.

Take a closer look of what all is being offered!

Combine with Combat Infantry for even more depth!

Have an climatic battle taking place in Victory? Use Combat Infantry, Columbia Games’ tactical World War 2 wargame to play that battle out at squad level!

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What others say about Victory: The Blocks of War

If you are looking for a starter set to introduce you into the blocks-genre or wargames in WWII in general, this is a perfect buy. The game has a high replay value and will probably see a lot of table time.

Tom HaesendonckxDetailed Review on BoardGameGeek

Simple but with a lot of depth; elegant, good looking game. Great replay value. Simple system allows one to add greater complexity if desired. Never had a duff game session.

Toby Whitty comment from BoardGameGeek

A great game for generic WWII era. The battle system is very innovative where battles can be either routs or bloodbaths depending on the unit composition in battles. There is a lot of bluff and maneuver. Although both sides are equal, limited force pools force decisions as to where to deploy your crucial armor, dive bombers and fighters. The elite bloc set is a great addition too.

Jeff Schultecomment from BoardGameGeek

This to me is one of the few games that I feel are good for introducing people to the Block Systems, as well as War-games in general! To me, it is one of those rare systems that allows an experienced player to play someone who is just starting out in War/Board gaming and still have as much fun and challenge as if they are playing some who is closer to his level of play

David Lubincomment from BoardGameGeek

Take a closer look of what all is being offered!