Essen 2016


Waterloo Visit – Day 5


Waterloo Visit – Day 4


Waterloo Visit – Day 2

Slapshot Hockey card game from Columbia Games

Play Slapshot on your phone

Slapshot Logo


Columbia Games is pleased to announce the release of Slapshot for Apple’s ipod touch®, and iphone®.

This is a full-featured app with hilarious sounds and animation. You can solo play vs. up to 5 other AI teams. Game Center for multiplayer games with friends will be available soon as a free update.

Available in the AppStore now.

Introductory price: $1.99.

Harn Con XI

Nothing says Harnic get together better than the dreaded Harnic WarFerret.
A vicious creature that hurls flaming potatoes in your general direction warning you of a get together of fans of the great game of Harn. Fans of the game will understand and fear the War Ferret- the rest of you should just show up for a weekend of gaming with the smartest fans in the fantasy role playing game world.

HârnCon XI

Friday to Sunday, July 13–15, 2012
La Quinta Inn & Suites
Austin/Cedar Park–Lakeline
10701 Lakeline Mall Drive
Austin, TX 78717

Only $10 per day or
$15 for the entire weekend.

For information or to register,
contact Rob Barnes:

Visit the HârnForum:

Games you will never get rid of.

Wooden Cubes & Iron Soldiers
Podcast: Games you will never get rid of mentions several Columbia Games.

The list of games covered:

Mage Knight, Chicago Express, Keltis: Das Kartenspiel, Lost Cities, BSG Express, Barbarian Prince, Shenandoah: Jackson’s Valley Campaign, The Caucasus Campaign: The Russo-German War, Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Wiz-War, Rex: Final Days of an Empire, Manhattan Project, Caylus, Small World, Feudality, Stone Age, Rommel in the Desert, A Few Acres of Snow, Pillars of the Earth, Arkham Horror, Walnut Grove, Kingsburg, Engage, For the People, Corps Command: Totensonntag, Black Cross/Blue Sky, Fury of Dracula, Chess, Cribbage, Eclipse, Case Yellow, 1940: The German Blitzkrieg in the West, Caveman Curling, Lords of Waterdeep, Pirates of Nassau, Dr. Shark, Wizard Kings, Siberia, 1st & Goal, Washington’s Crossing, Liberty Roads, Vae Victis magazine games, Conflit of Heroes: Storms of Steel, Abaddon