Jupe Rantalainen

Jupe Rantalainen

Guest Writer

HârnWorld LARP at Guild of Uncast Die in Finland

The campaign followed the civil war in Rethem, ending in the triumph of Earl Tormau. The focus was on Earl’s vassal knight, sir Jourdan Lourney, his allies , adventures and so forth. Games were more intrigue and cloak & dagger, with action being provided by few duels and one surprise raid on a wedding party in Ithiko region. Around 120 unique players participated (most of them new to Hârn). Size of the events varied from 40 to 70. Youngest player was 8, oldest in late 40s, about 55-60% of the players were female. Campaign was slow paced in real time, starting 2008 and ending 2014, with smaller one-shot game coming this year.

All credit to photography by Teemu Salminen

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