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Froyaheim Thran, COL #5153, 10 pages
Writers: N. Robin Crossby, Mikkel Huber, Tom Dalgliesh

Froyaheim is the primary settlement in Storzarlund, a large, wealthy, and densely populated thranaal in eastern Menglana. Located near the  confluence of the Froya and Leim rivers and surrounded by rich, fertile lands, the thran serves as a distribution center for furs and timber. Warriors from the neighboring Kingdom of Ibanvaal captured Froyaheim’s tributary thran of Froyby in 718. Ibanvaal now has a secure foothold west of the Kejelrian Mountains and is expected to attack Froyaheim itself within the next two years.
Froyaheim Thran describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement and brief descriptions of many local craftsmen and other locations. The article features color floor plans of the entire fortified thran.

, COL #4806, 4 pages
Writers: Joe Adams, Brent Bailey

Courtesans are providers of luxurious entertainment. Members of the Courtesans’ Guild are trained in the erotic arts but the guild’s services go well beyond sexual ministrations. Individuals visiting one of the guild’s establishments enjoy exquisite food and drink and superb music amid sumptuously decorated surroundings. Guild houses are far above common brothels in luxury and decorum.
This article describes the organization and activities of the Courtesans’ Guild as well its place in Hârnic society.

, COL #4833, 18 pages
Writers: Jonathan Davidson

Weaponcrafters are artificers who make armour and weapons. The craft is highly respected, especially by the nobility and warrior classes it primarily serves. Learning the skills and knowledge of weaponcrafting takes several years of study under a master. The Weaponcrafters’ Guild has a monopoly on the design, manufacture, and sale of weapons and armour in most areas of western Lythia. Some master weaponcrafters maintain a franchise in a town, while others are bonded to a noble household, fighting order, or a franchised master. Although a master weaponcrafter can usually produce a variety of weapons and armour types, some choose to specialize in making a specific class of weapons, such as bows or swords, while others focus on making armour or shields.
This article describes the organization and activities of the Weaponcrafters’ Guild as well the guild’s place in Hârnic society. Details are given for each of the five primary guild disciplines: armourer, bowyer/fletcher, shieldmaker, swordsmith, and weaponsmith. HârnMaster-compatible rules are given for crafting and enhancing weapons and armour.