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Zerhun Fortress (COL #5850D, 16 pages)
written by N. Robin Crossby, Tom Dalgliesh, Kerry Mould

Zerhun is a stronghold of the Kingdom of Azadmere and the seat of Crown Prince Khazar Tarazakh. It is one of Hârn’s most impressive engineering achievements and has long guarded the southern approaches to the kingdom. Zerhun controls the eastern end of the Silver Way, Azadmere’s main connection to the lowland realms.The Jarin village of Pedwar lies just north of the fortress and is the point of entry for all trade with Azadmere.

The Zerhun article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement and color floor plans of the fortress barbican and main living areas, as well as the wharf and mercantylers’ hall.

This settlement article supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kingdom of Azadmere, Azadmere City, and Silver Way.
Noron’s Way (COL #5902, 12 pages)
written by Joe Adams, Brent Bailey

Noron’s Way is an ancient road leading from Gardiren in Kaldor to Lorkin in Orbaal. The route crosses the northwestern foothills of the Sorkin Mountains and the marshes of the Anoth Delta. Noron’s Keep, the only settlement between Kaldor and Orbaal, sits near the mid-point of the road. The trail ends at a ferry landing on the Anoth River, from which travelers embark for Shese, Lorkin, or points beyond.

For most of its length, Noron’s Way is little more than a rugged and often-muddy trail through mist-shrouded hills and brackish marshlands filled with disease, barbarians, and gargun. It is a lonely road with very little traffic on account of the unpredictable and excessive tolls exacted by the enigmatic Noron. Travelers might spend days without seeing another human being. In addition to a few brave traders, the trail is used by Ilviran pilgrims to Ormanoam, the now-ruined site of their faith’s first temple on Hârn.

The Noron’s Way article covers the history and current state of the route, describes what travelers can expect on each segment of the trip, and provides descriptions of some interesting people that PCs may encounter. Special attention is given to Barsothe Falls, an impressive cataract with an evil reputation, and Gilfwydd’s Landing, from which fishermen ferry travelers across the river.

This trade route article supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kingdom of Orbaal, Lorkin Castle, Kingdom of Kaldor, Gardiren Castle, and HârnWorld Barbarians.