Combat Infantry Update – Advancing Toward Final Playtest

James Eisert

Don’t be fooled, these guys are hard at work! 😉

Advancing Toward Final Playtest

The guys are still working hard on getting Combat Infantry out for final playtesting. It is exciting to see it all starting to gel together. Every trial game is one step closer to rules clarification, one step closer to more ideas coming to light, one step closer to victory.

We’ve taken into consideration a lot of what we have been hearing on the posts to our blog so keep it up! We want to, (and need to), hear what you have to say about what you are looking forward to in this game.

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  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    I think it’d be a nice feature if the game included mine-fields, sort of like in Rommel in the Desert (except instead of DD, it should cause damage to enemy units on a particular die roll). I’m also curious about the scenarios. Will there be a “capture the bridge” or “seek and destroy the artillery”? On the latter, maybe decoy blocks could be used to fool the attacker, but as they get closer, they can use spotters (I read there’ll be spotters?) to identify unrevealed blocks.

    This game has tremendous potential. CG should really push to have Walmart sell Last Spike to get the CG name out there, and then once this is released, which is sure to be a hit, they can get this out there. World War II will never lose interest, at least not in America!

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Seems like this will be a great game. Only thing that really concerns me is the damage model for vehicles. Seems like a main battle tank(e.g. sherman) would take multiple hits from multiple tanks (e.g. 2 or 3 mk iv tanks) over a two or three turn period. Since 5urns are 10 minutes, this would be odd. Granted morale even influence tank crews, and not every penetrating hit killed a tank. Nevertheless, it seems that perhaps allowing each hit from an individual unit, when dealing with damage to vehicles, rather than only one hit, would be a potential fix for tanks. Not sure how playbalajce would be affected of course.

  3. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith says:

    COMBAT INFANTRY is a most remarkable game! I bought all the ACW games from Columbia then VICTORY. CI takes the tactical war game and simplify’s it where it counts… eases the “math and heightens the strategy. My only question is WHY hasn’t this “engine’ been used in many more ideas. I’m waiting for North Africa and possibly ANZIO… I’m imagining all of tactical WWII done in blocks and maps… what a treasure! Great Fog-of-war! BUT let’s push this farther… WWI, Spanish Civil War, Russian Civil War tactically… Gallipoli, the Boer War… and ultimately … THe Crimean War. There’s nowhere to go but UP… production quality is through the roof!!!


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