Combat Infantry Design Notes: Solitare Options

Tom Dalgliesh

Ideas on Solitaire options for Combat Infantry

Block games make excellent solitaire games. Players have two essential choices:

[1] Play with the units face up just like most other wargames.
[2] Play with blocks standing upright. You may not remember exact enemy strengths or types.

With enough interest I could develop solitaire scenarios with programmed enemy actions.

How much interest is out there for this option?

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    I would love to see some solitaire scenarios developed.
    It would definitely make this a “must buy”.

    Hopefully you will get enough interest!

  2. Ilmo Raunio
    Ilmo Raunio says:

    This is great, but could also the opposite be considered: scaled multiplayer? As in, you might be able to somehow easily compose maps together and play with a larger player count. We have great experiences playing EastFront and EuroFront with teams of 3-4 + one designated supreme commander per team (I will provide a set of rules about it one day!).

  3. William Barr
    William Barr says:

    Huge interest in true solitaire scenarios for all your games. I will add to my collection of Columbia games any games with a solitaire bot included, and any bot upgrade to games I currently own.
    Please do it.

  4. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Not sure if the solitaire modules are on works or not, but I’m very interested. Especially since the combat can be executed with 1 person.

  5. Marc White
    Marc White says:

    I would be very interested in solitaire for Napoleon: 1815 the Waterloo Campaign. There are digital versions for Julius Caeser and Richard III. Are there any plans to do the same for Napoleon?


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