Wizard Kings Scenarios

2 new Wizard Kings scenarios have been submitted by Rich Fulcher and posted to the Wizard Kings website.

Against the Necrom
The Undead, lead by a powerful Necrom, have poured forth from their tombs beyond the Jabari Desert and overrun the lands as far south as Goranda. A well-equipped force of Feudals sets out across the Bridge of the Gods to cleanse the lands of this unholy host and destroy its commander.

The Relief of Khax
A Dwarven expedition has succeeded in reclaiming several of their mountain holds, the greatest of which is Khax. The nearby orc tribes respond with a massive assault force. Can the dwarves retain their ancient homes until the relief force can arrive?

We will be posting new scenarios separately from the scenario book that is currently online. Later, these scenarios will be incorporated into the longer scenario book.