A Leading Force in Game Design

Columbia Games is one of the hobby’s veteran game companies. Columbia Games has produced some of the highest rated wargames in the industry such as Hammer of the Scots and Julius Caesar. They are the pioneers of the block wargame genre, a system which has found even more popularity with newer wargamers over the past few years.

Columbia Games produce the legendary Fantasy Role Playing setting, Harnworld. A fantasy setting which is still in strong circulation as more players find their way away from the high fantasy mainstream settings into a more real-world, gritty world. New material is still being written and is available almost quarterly and at a great discount through the very affordable Harnquest subscriptions.

Recently, Columbia Games has moved headlong into family games. The game The Last Spike has firmly stamped Columbia’s heavy footprint in the family game arena with a thunderous dust cloud by reeling in one of the most prestigious awards in board gaming, the MENSA select award, (from MENSA, the high-IQ society).