Hammer of the Scots PBeM tournament finished

The 2006 Hammer of the Scots PBeM Tournament is in the books. We had a terrific tournament that went down to the wire. We began in the fall of 2006 and ended Jan. 20th 2008. Thirty players began the tournament. We played 28 games with the Scots winning 15 of the games including winning the majority of the games in the last round.

George Seary was able to add the PBeM Championship to his three straight WBC Titles. I believe he has been able to win most of his tourney games as the Scots. He was able to go undefeated throughout this tournament as the Scottish rebels. The perception is the Scots are the underdog in this game and it seems that the statistics do not support that position in this tourney.

The other top finishers were as follows: Suzanne Tuch, Bill O’Neal, Hank Burkhalter, Ray Freeman & Paul Barrett. I want to thank all the players and Don for the support of this event.

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