Frederick’s War


Frederick’s War is a new GamePlan offering, designed by Ron Draker. This is a well developed game and a lot of fun to play. We’re looking forward to releasing it and urge folks to preorder now to save 20% and help this game come to fruition.

In 1756, Frederick the Great launched a preemptive strike on Saxony and his archenemy Austria, sparking the Seven Years War and pitting the most powerful countries of Europe against the fledgling state of Prussia. Frederick’s gamble nearly destroyed Prussia, but a few stunning victories over numerically superior forces, many delaying actions, British gold, and the timely death of Tsarina Elizabeth of Russia saved Prussia and ensured Frederick’s place in history as a great general.

Frederick’s War recreates the fierce struggle for mastery of Central Europe. Using the well-proven, card-driven action system (Hammer of the Scots, Liberty, Crusader Rex), the game showcases the importance of maneuver, fortresses, sieges, supply, and the potentially costly option of winter campaigning. The countries of Prussia, Austria, France, Russia, and Sweden are represented with units for leaders and artillery, heavy and light infantry, cavalry, Cossacks, and fortresses.

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