Critical Success: The Future Of RPGs And Technology

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Karoline Gore

Critical Success: The Future Of RPGs And Technology

RPG’s and Technology working together

Role-playing games and technology are two areas that continue to thrive in our modern world, and more synergies between the two are appearing more and more frequently. Dungeons and Dragons alone has experienced tremendous growth with the advent of the internet. Role-playing games have always been popular since their introduction, and can actually help your child’s mental development as well as act as a fun way to connect with friends. Symbiotic relationships such as these beg the question: what does technology have in store for RPGs in the future?


No Longer Restricted To The Table

If there is one thing technology has given us, it’s an abundance of monitors. Computer screens, projector screens, and phone screens are only some of the new media for RPG players. Televisions remain among the most popular for displaying maps and informative sheets on a larger screen and researching a good television is important for RPG players and casual viewers alone. With more technology comes more ways to play, however.

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm. What was once a technology ahead of its time has finally caught up. VR headsets work with viewing TV, playing video games, and can even work with RPGs to completely immerse players inside their imaginary world. This brings the two-dimensional world of tabletop playing into an expansive and fully interactive 3d experience. Be a part of the maps and see the details in person and wield your weapons like they’re right in front of you. Virtual Reality is looking to completely change the way we play RPGs.


Fully Customize With 3D Printing

Maps and figures have always been available to buy to represent in-game items, but what if you could customize them exactly how you wanted them to appear? If you’re a fan of old school board games, take it to the next level and build your own map, characters, settings, and weapons from scratch. 3d printing technology is not only a future dream – it’s already here. If you don’t want to design one yourself, you can always choose from a list of hundreds of premade models instead. Dragons, Vikings, trees, cottages, and swords are just some of the customizable options. The most exciting part of 3d printing is its versatility and limitless options.

RPGs will continue to be played worldwide. They’re a traditional way to hang out with friends, develop leadership skills, utilize your imagination, and have fun. But with technology getting more and more advanced, we may begin to see our favorite RPGs morph from table to screen in full immersion. Only time will tell exactly how far the possibilities will take us.  

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