Columbia Wargame Survey

Wargame Survey results.

979 wargamers responded ranking the games below.
First-place votes only are shown.
Details about the Columbia Games schedule are coming soon.




1 VICTORY IN EUROPE by Ron Draker: WW2 in Europe 1939-45, playable in 4-6 hours. 172
2 CROMWELL by Scott Moore: English Civil War, 1642-1647. 166
3 ANTONY & CLEOPATRA by Thompson/Dalgliesh: Sequel to Julius Caesar. 149
4 COMBAT INFANTRY by Tom Dalgliesh: WWII, squad level. 117
5 HAMMER OF THE IRISH by Jerry Taylor: The Bruce campaigns in Ireland (1315-22). 94
6 ALIEN EMPIRES by Larson/Dalgliesh: Four alien races each seek to dominate our galaxy. 89
7 ANTIETAM by Gary Selkirk: Battle of Antietam, Sept. 1862, using Shiloh game system. 85
8 MACBETH by Tom Dalgliesh: That Scottish game, c.1050. 68
9 DIXIE: GETTYSBURG by Dalgliesh/Hotz: Full set (250 cards) Reprint. 39
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