HeraldryKingdom of Kaldor
Located in the eastern interior of Hârn, Kaldor is a feudal realm ruled by King Miginath Elendsa from his royal castle in Tashal. The king has always been sickly; his imminent death has been yearly predicted. After 27 years on the throne, the aged king continues to baffle his subjects simply by getting up each morning. He has never married, leaving the succession unclear.

Kaldor is ripe with adventure possibilities. A player might become involved in succession intrigue, play a knight ruling a manor, trade as a merchant, or campaign with the Oselmarch or Chelmarch armies in barbarian territory.

Item #
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5000-J4 Atlas Harnica Map J4 $4.99
5000-J4-PDF Atlas Harnica Map J4 PDF $4.99
5000-J5 Atlas Harnica Map J5 $4.99
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5051 100 Bushels of Rye $19.99
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5072 Trobridge Inn $24.99
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5610 Kaldor Kingdom $39.99
5610-AH Kaldor Atlas Maps (6) $19.99
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5610-PDF Kaldor Kingdom PDF $39.99
5611 City of Tashal $34.99
5611-PDF City of Tashal PDF $34.99
5618 Olokand Castle $19.99
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5623 Gardiren Castle $24.99
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5624 Esenor Keep $9.99
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5628 Kiban Castle $13.99
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5634 Minarsas Castle $19.99
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5638 Qualdris Castle $12.99
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5639 Heru Keep $11.99
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5644 Caleme Abbey $14.99
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5651 Oselbridge $4.99
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