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Heru Keep occupies a strategic location on the road between Olokand and Tashal and controls the only crossing of the Shem River south of Gardiren. The settlement is part of the fief of the Earl of Osel and is held for him by his constable, Sir Bereden Pawade, a skilled administrator who has dramatically increased the revenue of the estate. The town itself, although modest on the surface, teems with intrigue as agents of various factions vie for position in the succession dispute that is sure to follow the death of Kaldor's King Miginath.

The Heru Keep article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of its craftsmen and other locations. A full description and color floor plans are given for the keep, as well as for The Three Sisters, a tavern and brothel that serves as the headquarters of the local thieves' guild. Also includes color local maps for GMs and players.