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Caleme Abbey is the seat of the Laranian archbishop of Kaldor and center of the church's temporal and ecclesiastical power in the kingdom. Held by the Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow from the king, Caleme's beautiful temple, supported by massive flying buttresses, is one of the finest examples of temple architecture on Hârn and has influenced builders and bishops alike.

In addition to the temple, the abbey includes the archbishop's palace, a cloister for resident clergy, an academy for children, and a chapterhouse of the Order of the Lady of Paladins, a military order. Caleme's priests, scholars, and warriors are dedicated to the cause of Larani and to seeing her shining chivalric vision remain preeminent in Kaldor. Edine Kynn, the Archbishop of Kaldor, is a cagey, energetic churchman who adroitly manages the politics of the kingdom and his church.

The Caleme Castle article describes the history, government, religion, and economics of the abbey and its village. It provides details of the temple and other abbey buildings along with some of the settlement's craftsmen and other locations. Includes full-color GM and player maps and complete color floor plans for the abbey.