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Qualdris is a prosperous and important settlement in the south of the Kingdom of Kaldor and is the seat of the Earl of Osel. Earl Sedris Meleken comes from one of the oldest and proudest families in the kingdom. He has been away from the castle for almost a year, searching for a murderer. The castle is being governed by his wife in his absence.

The Qualdris Castle article describes the town's history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of the settlement's craftsmen and other locations. Includes full-color GM and player maps and complete color floor plans for Caer Qualdris, the earl's castle.

This is an updated and expanded version of a classic Hârn article originally published in 1987 as part of Castles of Hârn. The article has been upgraded with new color floor plans that now cover the entire castle, not just part of it. In addition to some new artwork, this version has expanded descriptions of the castle rooms and many of the village locations.