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The Fur Road is one of Hârn's major trade routes, crossing the hilly, wooded Nuthela wilderness to connect the Kingdom of Orbaal in northern Hârn to the city of Tashal and other settlements in Kaldor. The road is one of the major routes for members of the Ilviran faith to make pilgrimage to the dwelling of their god at Araka-Kalai. The rough trail traverses the ranges of numerous colonies of Gargun (Hârn orcs) as well as the unpredictable Anoa and Taelda barbarians. Wild beasts and natural hazards are a constant threat and casualties are common.

The Fur Road article covers the history and economic importance of the route, describes a typical caravan's daily routine and what travelers can expect on each segment of the trip, and provides descriptions of some interesting people that PCs may encounter.

This trade route article supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kingdom of Orbaal, Geldeheim Castle, Kingdom of Kaldor, City of Tashal, and HârnWorld Barbarians.