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Minarsas is the commercial center of Vemionshire, the easternmost shire of Kaldor. Isolated from the rest of Kaldor by empty hills and trackless fens, and ignored by an ineffective sheriff, the Earl of Vemion rules his vast holdings from Minarsas and nearby Zoben with intelligence and efficiency. He enjoys an autonomy unavailable to the other earls of Kaldor.

Minarsas lies at the center of Kaldor's best sheep farming area. Generations of isolation have produced the Vemion Cross sheep, which yield the finest wool in the kingdom. This wool is sold to mercantylers from across the island and overseas.The folk of Minarsas are laconic, clannish, and suspicious of outsiders. They prosper under the stout walls of Caer Minarsas, hereditary seat of Clan Caldeth.