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1 VICTORY IN EUROPE by Ron Draker: WW2 in Europe 1939-45, playable in 4-6 hours. 172
2 CROMWELL by Scott Moore: English Civil War, 1642-1647. 166
3 ANTONY & CLEOPATRA by Thompson/Dalgliesh: Sequel to Julius Caesar. 149
4 COMBAT INFANTRY by Tom Dalgliesh: WWII, squad level. 117
5 HAMMER OF THE IRISH by Jerry Taylor: The Bruce campaigns in Ireland (1315-22). 94
6 ALIEN EMPIRES by Larson/Dalgliesh: Four alien races each seek to dominate our galaxy. 89
7 ANTIETAM by Gary Selkirk: Battle of Antietam, Sept. 1862, using Shiloh game system. 85
8 MACBETH by Tom Dalgliesh: That Scottish game, c.1050. 68
9 DIXIE: GETTYSBURG by Dalgliesh/Hotz: Full set (250 cards) Reprint. 39

View from the Docks

By Richard Luschek

The recent Cherafir publication by Columbia Games offered me the opportunity to draw a misty afternoon scene. As has been my recent way of working, I take the maps into Google Sketchup and do a quick model (not really, but lets pretend I do this fast)- especially with some of these complicated views.Actually, luckily for me a few fans had modeled some of these areas already, so I just had to tweak and adjust.

Cherafir Alienage, foggy morning

Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek

I thought it would be interesting to paint a view with the docks veiled in thick fog. I knew I wanted the Palace of the Golden Dome in the background- a corner of the docks with traders and fishermen unloading their wares.

Here is the model I used as reference. The great thing about sketchup is the warehouse of models already made. So I can search for a medieval barn and find a few to load into the model. While it may not be exactly what I want, it is probably close enough.

Below is the basic view-point used for the image. The one thing I was worried about was that from this view the space of water between the dock and the Seaman’s guild disappears, making it almost look as though the building is right off the docks- but of course it just looks that way, especially if the water is a few feet below the dock.

I also got to draw a little Sarajin Shrine set up outside The Bronze Anchor. I tried a few sketches do decide on a look.

I thought it would make the most sense to have it be a wooden totem, with a shelter. I liked the idea of it having a roof over head. I really liked the idea of it being a boat part, so I settled on a totem with a piece of a damaged ship overhead. The writer suggested the female Elkyri called Alaryr, to whom the drunken sailors would pray to before their journey.

Here is the final image. There is a small prayer and even some graffiti carved near the altar. Translate it if you you are interested. Could even be a clue for your players to find.

Prayers to Alaryr

Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek