Wizard Kings Rebooted & Ancient Armies?

Wizard Kings 2nd Edition

Wizard Kings 2nd Edition

Wizard Kings continues to be popular and many are saying the 2nd edition rules changes make a significantly better game. This thread on BoardgameGeek.com called Wizard Kings Rebooted explains why. Also visit the new Wizard Kings Wiki.

Some consideration is being given to a new Wizard Kings expansion with armies of Romans, Greeks, Celts, Persians and other ancient empires. Developer Ed Thilenius is working on the armies now:

I have created a series of “spells” for the clerics in the game. For example: An Egyptian Temple Priest (the Egyptian Cleric), pays 1 step to cause “Corruption” on his Roman opponent, if successful, the Roman loses up to half his income on the next turn (due to insider evil doings). I have each army with its own unique abilities. From poisoning, bribery, corruption, assassinations, Truces, Hornets, and even flaming pigs [a great counter to enemy Elephants].

Comments are encouraged on the Block Games Forum and also on the new Wizard King Wiki.