HeraldryThardic Republic
Tharda is a plutocratic state governed by a republican senate. The Thardic Senate is controlled by 66 wealthy patrician families who own 90 percent of the land. The capital city of Coranan is Hârn's largest city. There is one other walled city, Shiran, and several large towns.

Tharda offers great opportunities for your campaign. The senate is often deadlocked because of the rivalry between five or six powerful factions, including an imperialist party that intrigues for a revival of the once-mighty Corani Empire. Relations with the neighboring kingdoms is tense: the Republic won a war with Kanday within the last decade and Rethem is an unstable powderkeg. Two tribal nations also border the Republic: the wary and often violent Gozyda, and the ruthless Tulwyn.

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