5770 Republic of Tharda $29.99

This edition of the Republic of Tharda has 32 full color pages and comes in a 3 ring custom binder. Tharda is a region of west-central Hârn, primarily the Thard River basin. It includes small parts of the kingdoms of Rethem and Kanday and all of the Thardic Republic. The natural vegetation is mixed woodland and forest, but includes some rugged coniferous highlands. The Thardic Republic, commonly called just "Tharda", is bordered to the south by the feudal Kingdom of Kanday and to the west by the Kingdom of Rethem. The Republic has won a war with Kanday within the last decade, and relations with Rethem are tense, but the present state of affairs is a watchful peace. Two tribal nations also border the Republic; the wary and often violent Gozyda, and the ruthless Tulwyn.