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The Thardic Republic is a large, prosperous nation in western Hârn. Unique among the Hârnic realms, it is neither a feudal nor tributary monarchy but a plutocratic state governed by a republican senate. It is seen by many as a descendent of the mighty Corani Empire. The Republic is dominated by a few dozen clans who have parlayed agricultural and commercial wealth into status and position. Bureaucracies of civil servants manage the daily affairs of government, with rival families vying for influence when new appointments are made. Conflicts of interest are common and the resulting system of government has been described as both incredibly selfish and surprisingly functional. Unlike other Hârnic realms, the Republic has a standing army. Its legions keep order and defend against foreign aggression. It is also uncommonly tolerant in matters of religion. Public worship of almost all gods is legal and adherents of many faiths coexist in society, although not always peacefully. The Church of Halea is more prevalent and powerful here than elsewhere on Hârn.

Tharda is rich in natural resources and exports considerable amounts of high-quality stone and salt. Slaves are a significant element in the economy. Some fight as gladiators in the Pamesani Games or serve as pleasure slaves or household servants, but most toil on the estates of the ruling families. The Republic is bordered by the kingdoms of Kanday and Rethem. Relations with both are presently peaceful but tense. Two tribal nations range along the frontier: the ruthless Tulwyn and the wary, often violent Gozyda.

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