The Atlas Hârnica series maps all of Hârn at the same scale, depicting all manors, villages, gargun and tribal camps, wilderness trails, contours, hills, streams, and more. Each map corresponds to one grid square on the Hârn regional map.

5000-F7 Atlas Harnica Map F7 $6.98

Hârn products are printed on high-quality, loose-leaf pages designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. This format enables you to arrange a collection of articles that are relevant to your campaign, providing easy access to the information you need.

Atlas Hârnica map F7 covers the heart of the Thardic Republic and offers many opportunities for adventure. The region includes the major settlements of Telen, Chenad, Hibut, and Esuron, which lie along the paved road between the cities of Coranan and Shiran, along with Moleryn on the Salt Route, the major trade road to eastern Hârn. The map includes much of the mighty Thard River, as well as the untamed Hefiosa Highlands. The wilds of Ramala Province, including the Teb Marshes, Mimea Hills, and Ramal Bog, are the territory of the Gozyda tribes.