The Atlas Hârnica series maps all of Hârn at the same scale, depicting all manors, villages, gargun and tribal camps, wilderness trails, contours, hills, streams, and more. Each map corresponds to one grid square on the Hârn regional map.

5000-E7 Atlas Harnica Map E7 $6.98

Hârn products are printed on high-quality, loose-leaf pages designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. This format enables you to arrange a collection of articles that are relevant to your campaign, providing easy access to the information you need.

Atlas Hârnica map E7 covers the region where Tharda, Kanday, and Rethem all intersect. Coranan, the largest city on Hârn lies at the eastern edge of the map in the Gerium Province. The Kandian castles of Menekod and Heroth dominate the middle part of the map. A half-dozen Rethemi keeps/castles guard the Thard River at the north edge of the map.

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