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This RPG resource is a complete 11" 11" map of the Pamesani Arena in the City of Shiran. Descriptions of the locations on this map can be found in the City of Shiran article.

The Pamesani Games are wildly popular events held in honor of Agrik, the dark god of war and violence. In addition to contests between gladiators, individually and in teams, the games offer combats involving wild beasts, judicial duels, and spectacles of a depraved and perverse nature. The arena and games are administered by the clerics of the Order of the Octagonal Pit and their sponsored fighting order, the Order of Demon Pameshlu the Insatiable. Shiran's Pamesani arena complex includes their temple and chapterhouse.

The complete City of Shiran article includes details of the city's history, economics, religion, government, military forces, and more than 125 shops, temple, and other locations. Shiran offers game masters many opportunities as the site of urban intrigue and adventure.

The Pamesani article describes the history and theology of the games, as well as many aspects of their administration, including admission, gambling, "participant" procurement, and training of gladiators.