Moving Brick and Mortar

by Richard Luschek

For the recent HarnQuest release for Columbia Games, I had to color a very old illustration of Kiban. I believe this was first published in the original HarnView in 1983. Wow, 30 years ago!

Here is the original image as it appeared then.


Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc.

I had to color the image and update it for the recent expansion of this Harnic Castle. The original is by Eric Hotz and I believe the inspiration is taken from a real world castle in England called Bodiam Castle

Along  the way, a map was drawn for the fictional Harnic version. As I started updating the image, I realized that the mapped castle and the image did not quite match up. So I started tweaking it. Also I thought some of the castle above looked a bit like a building in ruins rather than a living breathing fortress.



Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc.

If you compare you can see, towers were moved and adjusted. The tops of the castle were cleaned up, and a lot of the windows had to be shifted around to match the floor plans in the article. Once everyone agreed on the adjustments I started in on color. I try to use digital coloring like water colors, doing washes over the line work- well, technically in photoshop, the color is done under the line layer.



Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc.

I usually erase any lines in the sky and just paint the clouds in. After I was done one of the writers pointed out that the front window was still wrong. It was not one big single window on the floor plan, but two smaller ones.

The same eagle eyed writer also commented that on the map the bar of land in front of the castle was mostly stone and would not have grass on it. I of course ignored this comment as we all know rocks in a stream can and will accumulate silt and allow river plants to grow at the edges of the rocks- So Shut The Hell Up!


But in order to try to appease I offered this image as a possible solution. The knight covered the window and takes care of the grass.


Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc.

This image was rejected for some reason by Tom at Columbia Games as being “inaccurate”.

HarnQuest in your Easter Basket

Columbia Games News
HarnWorld edition
March 27, 2013


RabbitsRabbits originate around the Venarian Sea. The Jarin and later Lythian settlers brought rabbits with them to Hârn as food animals; over time, they escaped into the wild and have spread throughout the island, although predators generally keep their numbers in check. Hares are relatives of rabbits; however, they do not live in burrows and instead rely on speed to escape. Rabbits is a bestiary article. It describes the habitat and physical attributes of Hârnic rabbits and hares, with full HârnMaster stats.

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Imrium Castle Kiban Castle Rodents
Imrium Castle stands on a rocky crag in the shadow of the Rayesha Mountains, The castle is held by the Imrium Cohort of the Thardic Republic’s Gerium Legion and protects a town made wealthy by its role in the salt trade, the source of much of the republic’s income. 

The Imrium Castle article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, and economics, with special attention to the lucrative salt trade. Detailed descriptions of craftsmen and other locations in the settlement are included, as well as full-color GM and player maps and complete floor plans for the castle, the residence of the district legar, the ruined temple of Agrik, and the Cave of Avathos, where surplus salt is stored and, legends say, an ancient crypt is hidden.

Kiban is the second largest settlement in the Kingdom of Kaldor and the principal seat of Clan Dariune, the Earls of Balim. Kiban was a small agricultural castle town not many years ago but is now an emerging center of trade, especially in weapons and jewelry from the dwarven Kingdom of Azadmere. Earl Troda Dariune is Kaldor’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and a cousin of the king. He has powerful allies, including key clerics, as well as many enemies. 

The Kiban Castle article describes the settlement’s history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of the craftsmen and other locations. Includes full-color GM and player maps as well as complete floor plans for Caer Kiban, the earl’s castle.

Rodents are the most numerous of all mammals. They are very adaptable and are found in practically every environment on the Misty Isles. Some species, especially mice, voles, and rats, survive at the bottom of the food chain by their sheer fecundity. 

Rodents is a bestiary article. It describes the habitat and physical attributes of Hârnic rats, beavers, and squirrels, with full HârnMaster stats. Also included are rules for rodent infestations.