Wizard Kings sold out

Wizard Kings 1st edition is now sold out. We are preparing to release a 2nd Edition and will have further news to report soon.

EuroFront release imminent

The release of EuroFront II is imminent. The box cover is now being printed and we expect to ship toward the end of the month. New cover art has been posted to:


EuroFront links EastFront and WestFront together into a complete simulation of World War 2 in Europe from 1936 to 1945 (including the Spanish Civil War).

The game contains the EuroFront system rules and over 240 blocks for every European nation from Norway to Turkey. Axis and Allied versions are provided for most nations. Axis, Allied and Soviet units for the North and Mid-East fronts are also included. With the maps and blocks from EastFront and Westfront, you can now replay all of WW2 in a single weekend.

The core rules for EuroFront have not changed. There are new diplomatic and alliance effects as well as new streamlined rules for exit zones. All edge of the map rules have been revised and simplified. Exit zones are no longer required. Bordering the map are Districts and Regions with connecting road or rail lines and links to the main map.

Total playing area is 45″ x 68″. Ownership of EastFront and WestFront are required.

Gardiren Castle and a new Atlas Map

The newest Harnworld release, Gardiren Castle, is now available from Columbia Games. Gardiren is an important castle in northern Kaldor. It is located in map square K-4 which is also now available in the Atlas Harnica series.


Gardiren is the principal settlement of Nephshire on the northern frontier of Kaldor. It lies on the eastern bank of the fast-moving River Shem, twenty leagues north of Tashal. Vast forests claimed by the Taelda barbarians extend north and east to the Sorkin Mountains. These rich forests and centuries of trade with Azadmere have been sources of great wealth for Clan Curo, a wealthy and ancient clan led by the proud Earls of Neph.

Caer Gardiren’s excellent river port and its control of Medrik Bridge, the only crossing of the Shem north of Heru, ensure control of northern traffic using Noron’s Way. Gardiren is also the western terminus of the Silver Way, the rugged trail leading to the mysterious and fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Azadmere.