Crusader Rex Review on

I’ve added a link to a review of Crusader Rex on The The reviewer enjoyed the game and rates it highly.

In the review, he comments that the English soldier on the back cover of the box, might be a likeness of a Columbia staffer. That’s certainly worth a chuckle. In truth, the artist has never met any of us and the resemblance is mere chance. Unless there’s something I don’t know…

WBC winners!

Results (in brief) from the Columbia Games events at the 2006 World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA.

War of 1812 had 24 players and winner was Scott Cornett.

Liberty had 30 players and winner was Todd Treadway.

Hammer of the Scots had 25 players and winner was George Seary.

Napoleon had 10 players and winner was Jim Miller.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants

Alamo map preview

A draft preview of the map for Remember The Alamo, our upcoming game about the Texas Revolution has been posted. Visit:

Comments are welcome. Tom Dalgliesh would like to hear from you at:

Liberty Scenarios

Three short (one-year) scenarios for Liberty: American Revolution have been posted to:

Liberty Scenario 1775 (PDF 56K)
Liberty Scenario 1776 (PDF 56K)
Liberty Scenario 1777 (PDF 56K)

Thanks to Alan Marian for creating these excellent mini-games.