Crusader Rex rules 1.4

Crusader Rex rules version 1.4 has been released. Click here.

Changes include further revision to Winter Campaigns and higher costs for rebuilding Saracen Emirs unless located in their home seats.

German crusaders can now arrive in Antioch or Aleppo, requiring more Saracen force to garrison the north. Also each crusader army now enters play with 1 group move once all three blocks have been drawn.

Mnemonic for the months of Harn

Here’s a challenge: Can anyone come up with a good mnemonic for the 12 months of Harn? Since starting our promotion at I’ve thought it would be handy to have a song, quip, or even an acronym to help remember the months.

Email suggestions to

War of 1812 sold out

We have sold out of War of 1812!

Plans are afoot for new edition and are entertaining thoughts about how to revise it.

One of the prevailing ideas is to use large (24mm) blocks (like in Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, etc.) and new label art.

We’re also contemplating making [optional] expansion units available when we print the stickers.

In other respects the game has been around a long time and it doesn’t seem necessary to change it.

Input is welcome on the forum or via e-mail.

Crusader Rex

Crusader Rex has been nominated for the 2005 Charles S. Roberts award in the Best Pre-WW2 category.

Results will be announced at the WBC in Lancaster, PA next month!

EastFront 2nd Edition

The rules (free PDF) for EastFront 2nd Edition have been posted.


EastFront 2nd Edition

At long last preorders for EastFront 2nd Ed. are in the mail!

We’ve already printed the WestFront 2nd Ed. maps and stickers and are planning to work quickly toward printing the remaining parts to that game. Anticipated release is August 1. Billing of preorders will occur around July 15th. EuroFront will not far behind…

We held back a very small number (around 50 copies) of the 4 map set untrimmed and unfolded. For the highly dedicated EuroFront gamer, these 4 maps are available to buy (until we sell out). The maps are shipped in a large poster tube – the set of 4 is $99. To order this set go to: