EuroFront news

About now Craig Besinque will be arriving at the Consimworld Expo in Arizona.

Craig has the printed maps from the new EuroFront series in hand and will be running a war-long EuroFront game during the con.

We will be mailing Mapset preorders this week.

EastFront 2 preorders will take a little longer. We are working diligently and will ship the moment the game comes off the press.

Tonight I will be playing EuroFront with Cal Stengel and Leonard Coufal. It will be fun to play on the new maps. Tonight’s game will be start in 1944. I’m think I’m going to play the Allies and try something different…

Hammer of the Scots Pbem

The first PBeM tourney of Hammer of the Scots is in the books. Thirty one players vied for the dominance of the Scottish Nobles. This was a five round swiss tourney using the 2.0 rules. Players bid to play the English by bidding the number of years to play without Edward I.

Games were played on a website that handled the cards and the random draws of the blocks. There were fifty two games played and the English won twenty-eight of them. There were three draws and twenty-one wins by the Scots.

Hank Burkhalter was undefeated and was able to beat Rick Young in the battle of the unbeatens in the final round.

The final standings were: 1st – Hank Burkhalter, 2nd – Rick Young, 3rd – Chris Byrd, 4th – Jeff Mullet, 5th – Suzanne Tuch and 6th – George Seary