Harn Calendar

The month of Nuzyael is nearly over. Next month’s calendar, Peonu, will replace this one on May 1.

Make sure you visit harncalendar.com to download your free calendar soon…


Block game auto-ship

Some of you have requested that we bring back the autoship program for wargames which was phased out some time ago in favor of specific GamePlan preorders.

We’ve been told by these people that they just want all our new releases and don’t want to have to sign up for each game. We just can’t say no to someone who is such a fan of our block games….

If you want to automatically be signed up for a preorder for each new block game title, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Of course an autoshipper still has the right to opt out of a specific title before it is shipped. And the money back guarantee still applies.

To join Wargame autoship, please email: grant@columbiagames.com.

Shiloh: April Glory map preview

We have recently posted a draft map for our upcoming Shiloh game (based on the Gettysburg: Badges of Courage game system. This an early draft, but it is starting to look good. We are also working on the order of battle which we will post a preview of as soon as possible.


Crusader Rex Historical Review

A glowing review of Crusader Rex, from the point of view of a professional Crusades historian has been posted to the Columbia Games website.


Happy Harnic New Year


The Hârnic new year begins with the first month of Spring (eviqualent to April on Terra).

We have created a new calendar of Hârnic holy days which will be released FREE online in PDF format month by month.

There will also be special offers each month.

Visit harncalendar.com

This is a beta release now and we are seeking input before promoting this to the roleplaying community at large. Please post comments to this blog or email directly to grant@columbiagames.com.