HeraldryKingdom of Rethem
Rethem is a feudal kingdom in western Hârn, founded by Arlun the Barbarian and now ruled by King Chafin III from his seat in Shostim. Rethem has a violent history and is Hârn's most unstable, treacherous, and dangerous state. Only lip service is paid to the institutions of fealty and honor, for Rethemi politics are a maelstrom of intrigue and assassination. The largest settlement is Golotha, which is nominally a chartered freetown but in reality is an urban blight ruled by a theocratic and repressive council.
Chafin III has managed by various means to reaffirm the fealty of the earls of Ithiko and Techen, as well as three Agrikan fighting orders, but the powerful and rebellious Earl of Tormau has his own ambitions. Many believe that Chafin III will, if he lives long enough, unite Rethem under his iron fist and redress the wrongs suffered at the hands of hated Kanday.

Rethem is an exciting kingdom for your Hârn campaign. Characters can become involved in the border skirmishes with the neighboring lands of Kanday and the Thardic Republic, explore the Peran wilderness to the north (home to the fierce Kuboran tribes), or become embroiled in the machinations of the various political and religious factions fighting for dominance of the region.

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