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17" x 11" Color Map

5741 City of Golotha $19.98

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Golotha is the principal settlement of the Kingdom of Rethem and the political heir to the infamous Theocracy of Tekhos. Strategically located at the mouth of the River Thard, the city was founded in the fourth century on ground reclaimed from a misty swamp. It is still plagued by morning fogs. Golotha is a city of secrets and dark places. Its narrow streets are dangerous even during the day.

This module is an expansion of the articles originally published in Cities of Hârn and Son of Cities. It is much larger, contains many additional sites with interior plans and a new 2 page local map showing the surrounding areas.

Additional interior plans include:

  • Caer Chaftar (six floors and cellar)
  • Temple of Agrik (Mamaka the Master of Steel)
  • Lia-Kavair guildhall

All plans from Cities of Hârn and Son of Cities have also been updated and included.

Location: Kingdom of Rethem
Status: Chartered Freetown
Population: 6200
Government: Heptarchial Council
Military: King/Constable

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