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Rethem is a fractious feudal kingdom on the western coast of Hârn. The kingdom's politics are dominated by the "black-souled and evil" churches of Agrik and Morgath. The threat of warfare between religious orders compounds the danger posed by rivalries between feudal lords. The political situation is far from settled and the threat of civil war looms over the kingdom. Rethem is bounded by the Kingdom of Kanday to the south, the Peran wilderness to the north, and the Thardic Republic to the east. With a long history of violence, a rulership built on cunning and strength, and a shaky political structure, Rethem is viewed warily by its neighbors.

King Chafin III's precarious rule relies on a network of allegiances created by the careful placement of kin and the manipulation of competing loyalties that he may not fully command. Chafin often uses the threat of invasion to keep his rivals off guard. Five of Rethem's seven monarchs have died violently, and Chafin prefers his castle at Shostim to the royal castle in Golotha.

The kingdom's largest settlement, Golotha sits at the mouth of the region's main trade artery, the Thard River. The Thard valley has long been one of the most densely populated regions of Hârn and boasts the strongest economy in the west. The river brings goods from the east, while Golotha is a major trade center for whale oil and other riches of the sea. The kingdom's northern forests are rich in timber, furs, and mineral wealth.

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