HeraldryKingdom of Melderyn
Melderyn is a kingdom in the southeast of Hârn. Although it now has extensive lands on the Hârnic mainland, the kingdom's long history has been primarily on the island of Melderyn, also known as the "Wizard's Isle." Although it appears to be an ordinary feudal kingdom, ruled by King Chunel from Cherafir, Melderyn is more a constitutional monarchy, influenced by the mysterious council of scholars known as the Council of Eleven.

Melderyn is a great location for your Hârn campign. It is home to two large cities and its busy ports are the gateways for travelers between Hârn and the Lythian continent. Interesting locations are found throughout the kingdom, from the chantries of Arcane Lore to remnants of the ancient and mysterious Henge Culture. The borders of the kingdom's mainland holdings are the site of clashes with barbarian tribes, including a crusade being carried out by the knights of the Laranian Church against the Solori.

Item #
Item Name
4751A Clord #20: Woodcrafter $1.48
4751A-PDF Clord #20: Woodcrafter PDF $1.49
5000-M8 Atlas Harnica Map M8 $4.99
5000-M8-PDF Atlas Harnica Map M8 PDF $4.99
5700 Melderyn Kingdom $39.99
5700-PDF Melderyn Kingdom PDF $39.99
5701 City of Cherafir $24.99
5701B-PDF Alienage District Map PDF $0.00
5701-PDF City of Cherafir PDF $24.99
5702 City of Thay $19.99
5702-PDF City of Thay PDF $19.99
5703 Chyrefal Castle $9.99
5703-PDF Chyrefal Castle PDF $9.99
5711 Cundras Keep $9.99
5711-PDF Cundras Keep PDF $9.99
5713 Gythrun Castle $7.99
5713-PDF Gythrun Castle PDF $7.99
5715 Menio Keep $7.99
5715-PDF Menio Keep PDF $7.99
5718 Harden Castle $10.99
5718-PDF Harden Castle PDF $10.99
5723 Karveth Castle $10.99
5723-PDF Karveth Castle PDF $10.99
5725 Nurisel Castle $9.99
5725-PDF Nurisel Castle PDF $9.99
5726 Glenoth Keep $9.99
5726-PDF Glenoth Keep PDF $9.99
5731 Gelimo Chantry $7.99
5731-PDF Gelimo Chantry PDF $7.99
5733 Escorsen's Hermitage $4.99
5733-PDF Escorsen's Hermitage PDF $4.99